Thursday, 8 September 2016

Vote 2016 - Napier City Council (updated)

It's time to vote in the local body elections, so here's a helping hand to get to know who's standing and what they stand for, from Woodville to Wairoa.

I've made every effort to ensure the list is as complete as possible. However, if you want your information added or corrected, please let me know by email.

Please note that some of the Facebook links are personal pages rather than public pages and access may be dependent on your being a member of Facebook, and being a friend of a friend of the candidate.

Don't forget it's a postal vote, and your voting papers need to be in the post by Wednesday 05 October.


Just a few websites and plenty of Facebook sites - some co-operating - here's a link to the candidate profiles which includes their candidate statements. You should also receive this booklet with the voting papers.

Also see bios for our current councillors on the Napier City Council website.

Mayor (1 Vacancy) [elected unopposed]
Bill Dalton - Facebook

The Mayor of Napier, in his own words, on video
     - Mayor of Napier, Bill Dalton (interview)

Ahuriri Ward (1 Vacancy) 
Larry Dallimore (Independent) - Facebook
David George - Facebook
Mark Herbert (Independent)

Onekawa-Tamatea Ward (1 Vacancy) [elected unopposed] 
Annette Brosnan (Working for us) - Facebook

Nelson Park Ward (2 Vacancies) 
Maxine Boag (Working Together) - Facebook, also Facebook with Api Tapine
Mark Hamilton
Grant Hammond (Independent) - Facebook
Api Tapine (Working Together) - Facebook with Maxine Boag

Taradale Ward (2 Vacancies)  
Graeme K Taylor (Independent)
David Trim
Tania Wright (Independent) - Facebook

Council at Large (6 Vacancies) 
Steve Gibson
Martin Good - Facebook
Claire Hague
David Hannay (Forward Together) - Facebook
Tony Jeffery
Maryanne Marsters - Facebook
Andy Mason (Representing Napier's Youth) - Facebook
Richard McGrath - Facebook
Keith Price (Independent) - Facebook
Michelle Pyke (Independent) - Facebook
Faye White - Facebook
Kirsten Wise (Independent) - FacebookYouTube (2013)


    This is my campaign page on FB Duncan so can you please use this not my personal page. Thanks. :-) Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks, and I've sorted it. I'm sorry the correct page didn't come up in my search!. All the best, Dunc :-)

  2. THanks Duncan a great service for people looking for candidates' social media sites. Last election we all had a website page from Elections NZ but they have canned that which doesnt leave us many options. Cheers. Maxine Boag

  3. Happy to be of service ;-) It all started when I was doing my own research on the candidates of which I had less knowledge. All the best for the election ;-)