Thursday, 8 September 2016

Vote 2016 - Hastings District Council (updated)

It's time to vote in the local body elections, so here's a helping hand to get to know who's standing and what they stand for, from Woodville to Wairoa.

I've made every effort to ensure the list is as complete as possible. However, if you want your information added or corrected, please let me know by email.

Please note that some of the Facebook links are personal pages rather than public pages and access may be dependent on your being a member of Facebook, and being a friend of a friend of the candidate.

Don't forget it's a postal vote, and your voting papers need to be in the post by Wednesday 05 October.


Quite a few websites and many Facebook sites. Here also is a link to the candidate profiles which includes their candidate statements. You should also receive this booklet with the voting papers.

Mayor (1 vacancy)
Adrienne Pierce - website, Facebook, Twitter
Guy Wellwood - website, Facebook 
Lawrence Yule - website, Facebook

The three mayoral candidates, in their own words, on video
     - Mayoral candidates talk about the issues for Hastings District (debate)
     - Three vie for top job in Hastings (debate)
     - Lawrence Yule talks (interview)
     - Adrienne Pierce talks (interview)
     - Guy Wellwood talks (interview)

Flaxmere Ward (2 vacancies) 
Lynlee Aitcheson-Johnson - Facebook
Henare O'Keefe
Jacoby Poulain - Facebook

Hastings-Havelock North Ward (8 vacancies
Bayden Barber - website, Facebook, Twitter
Wayne Bradshaw
Malcolm Dixon - Facebook
Damon Harvey - Facebook
Sandra Hazlehurst - Facebook
David Mackintosh - Facebook
Graeme McHattie
Simon Nixon - Facebook, Blog
Christopher Perley - Facebook, Facebook2, Twitter, Blog
Adrienne Pierce - websiteFacebook
John Porter - website
Geraldine Travers
Kevin Watkins

Heretaunga Ward (2 vacancies)
Rod Heaps
Ann Redstone - Facebook, YouTube
Jason Whaitiri - Facebook

Kahuranaki Ward (1 vacancy)
George Lyons
Stuart Perry - website, Facebook

Mohaka Ward (1 position) [elected unopposed]
Tania Kerr


Tutira (1 position) [elected unopposed]
Susan Maxwell

Kaweka (1 position) [elected unopposed]
Nicholas Dawson

Maraekakaho (1 position) [elected unopposed]
Peter Kay

Poukawa (1 position) [elected unopposed]
Michael Lester

FLAXMERE LICENSING TRUST (6 positions) [elected unopposed]
Martha Greening
Susan Hopkins
Warwick Howie
Kenneth Kibblewhite
Bertram Lincoln
Jacob Poulain


  1. So who do i vote for? I don't really know who any of them are. I don't really work or shop in the Hastings District, but I am to vote in it. I had to look up this page for find out who they were. Have not seen 1 sign or had a visit or community meeting in our part of the district. But I can tell you most of Napiers candidate and I know who they are!!

  2. Hi Anon, a really good start would be to bowl into the HB Today offices and ask for back copies. Sat 17/09 was really good issue and earlier in the week they published a whole book with relevant ads and candidate statements.
    I'll be reading those up as well as the links above before I cast my vote. All the best, Dunc :-)

  3. Well done Duncan. With turnout generally under 50% anything that helps inform potential voters is a move in the right direction. So may people think Local Government does not affect them whereas councils affect their lives on a daily basis to a much greater extent than anything else including electricity, telecommunications and government.

  4. Thanks Simon, happy to do my part. It all started with my own quest for info to make an informed decision. All the best for the election :-)