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So often we hear about heaven and eternal life and the Kingdom of God as if they were something we might experience one day, like when we die and pass on into the next world, whatever that means, and only if we're good enough - maybe.

Yet Jesus said that he himself was the giver of eternal life - and then went on to define eternal life as knowing the Father - now - and knowing Jesus himself - present tense. (John 17:3)

Lynette Love photograph
Lynette Love
Tomorrow Today is a series of excerpts from books by Lynette Love, my very good friend from Hawke's Bay, who regularly encounters heaven - and Jesus - and Holy Spirit - and Father - now, in this life, today.
My prayer is that you also might experience Him, and that in your own daily walk you might hear His voice, and see His face, and know His love - now, in this life, today.
Here's a link to the whole collection on this blog

Lynette's books and e-books are all available on
    - Encounters of Heaven - eBookhardcopy
    - Encounters with the King - eBook
    - Romance with the King - eBook, hardcopy

Encounters of Heaven
Encounters of Heaven photograph
Encounters of Heaven
"Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? Have you ever wondered if you will meet with friends and relations? Are there animals in heaven? What is your mansion like? 
Lynette has compiled a number of these visitations, which answer so many questions, also bringing with it such anticipation of a heaven that we can both encounter now and for all eternity.
Lynette’s greatest desire in writing this book is that everyone one who reads it will encounter the love of Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in a new and wondrous way. We are loved by Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in ways that we could never imagine. ‘Encounters of Heaven’ opens doors that reveal this intimate and revealing love.
Life should be lived to the full now and death never feared. We are greatly loved. Taste and see, the Lord is very good."

Encounters with the King
Encounters with the King photograph
Encounters with the King
"This is Lynette’s second book. It both describes for and invites the reader into the Heavenly Realms.
‘Encounters with the King’ promises to take you deeper into the heart and love of Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. Dotted throughout are pearls of wisdom that were given to Lynette during her encounters.
Lynette describes such things as the ‘Sailing the Seas of the Galaxies’ an experience to exponentially extend your boundaries of possibility. How we carry both light and fragrance to the world around us. She also shares the amazing interaction, she witnessed, between an artist and his Creator.
This is only a few of the more than sixty recorded encounters. You are sure to be encouraged as you read and consider these delightful and amazing stories.
This is a book of incredible heavenly insight, releasing the power and wisdom to touch a world often filled with pain and fear. Lynette is absolutely determined to show everyone who reads ‘Encounters with the King’ just how much they are loved by Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit."

Romance with the King
Romance with the King photograph
Romance with the King
"Romance with the King’, is full of heavenly encounters that show how much we are loved by Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. How, They are desperate for our company and long for each one of us to be the Bride of Christ. 
The stories begin by telling of the wonderful exuberance of the God-Head at the creation of Adam and move to wonder of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Another time Angels express their amazement, at the privilege we have, in our intimate relationship with our Father, the Bridegroom and Holy Spirit. 
Throughout we learn that Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit have a glorious sense of humour, are full of fun and delight in Each Other as much as They delight and are enthralled by us.

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