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2017 Hastings District Council mayoral by-election - Updated

As most who know me would be aware, I'm passionate about Hastings, I enjoy politics and I like to research my decisions thoroughly. Voting for a mayor is way too important a job to decide on the basis of a smiley billboard, simple name recognition or something a mate said once (I think).

So here's a helping hand to get to know the six candidates who want to lead our council.

     [ Like my voting paper, candidate names are listed in random order of surname 😊 ]

Allister ToshFacebook
Sandra HazlehurstFacebook
Stuart PerryWebsiteFacebook
Bayden Barber - Website, Facebook
     Making Hastings best place to live and work
Simon Nixon - Website, Facebook
     Education needs to be key policy issue
     Acceptable alternative needed for Manawatu Gorge
Waitawhara Tupaea - Facebook
     Aspirational aims for byelection

Hawke's Bay Today asked each candidate six questions.
     1. What is your vision for the Hastings district?
     2. What steps will you take in your first 100 days to turn this vision into reality?
     3. Name the one main area you would collaborate with other Hawke's Bay councils on.
     4. Are you in favour of continued chlorination for the Hastings district's drinking water?
     5. Do you support the controversial Water Conservation Order - why, why not?
     6. What's the biggest asset you would bring to the mayoralty?

Here are the candidates' answers, in their own words:
Waitawhara Tupaea
Simon Nixon
Bayden Barber
Stuart Perry
Sandra Hazlehurst
Allister Tosh

NZH Local Focus asked each candidate four questions. Here are their answers, in their own words:
     1. What are the issues in Hastings District? (video 4 min)
     2. What inspired you to run for mayor? (video 3 min)
     3. What in your background makes you qualified to be our mayor? (video 3 mins)
     4. What is one thing that will be important to you every day when you are mayor? (video 4 mins)

Hawke's Bay Today hosted a mayoral debate at Karamu High School. Here is some of the video footage:
     Individual questions (video 7 mins)
     Closing addresses (video 22 min)
     Live feed on Facebook (video 2 hr 0 min)

I've just discovered a set of YouTube interviews by the Hastings City Business Association about the candidates views on the CBD etc
Stuart Perry (10 min)
Waitawhara Tupaea (8 min)
Bayden Barber (9 min)
Sandra Hazlehurst (7 min)
Simon Nixon (7 min)
Allister Tosh - declined to be interviewed

Don't forget it's a postal vote, and your voting papers need to be in the post by Tuesday 21 November 2017.

To choose a councillor: 2017 Hastings District Council councillor by-election

Contact the candidates:
Stuart Perry
Bayden Barber
Waitawhara Tupaea
Allister Tosh
Sandra Hazlehurst
Simon Nixon

Please note: I've made every effort to ensure this information is as complete as possible. However, if you want your information added or corrected, please let me know by email.

Some of the Facebook links may be personal pages rather than public pages and access may be dependent on your being a member of Facebook, and being a friend of a friend of the candidate.

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