Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Where to find a good blog, these days...

Being a relative newbie to blogging, I initially found it difficult to find New Zealand blogs on subjects that interest me. In a rare instance, Google let me down.

So, to save you the effort, here are two links that I found really useful, with loads of links:
          Kiwiblog's blogroll
          Open Parachute's siteranking

The following links are for some of the more well-known blogs. They can be a bit incestuous, in that they often comment on each other, or post links to each other, or slag each other off, but they generally make for a good read.

          Whale Oil Beef Hooked
Currently New Zealand's number one blogger, serving up a potpourri of right-wing politics, union-bashing, quirky videos and anything that supports his views on same-sex marriage. He doesn't pull too many punches.

Some of these sites also have a blogroll - maybe I should have Googled that, might try it next...

          The Standard - and their blogroll
          Cactus Kate
          Red Alert
          No Minister

A wee warning to those who haven't browsed the comments sections before: Some of the commenters are pretty nasty, not really what I was used to after having followed political comment and readers' responses in the NZ Herald for the last few years.

I found this blog really interesting, so it's too bad he's stopped updating:
          This guy should have been a sub-editor

Enjoy :-)


  1. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    I'm sure you just got busy and forgot, but that strange fellow over at has been known to be entertaining at times. And, yes, he does live in new Zealand.

    1. Hi Strange Fellow, a shocking oversight indeed, my humblest apologies! I enjoyed the read, and I love your way with words! Rock on :-)