Sunday, 28 June 2015

Living the Dream

"Staff Provision:

"Chiropractor of a growing business was needing to hire a new team member. He did a bunch of interviews, made an offer to the best candidate but they "were uncomfortable working in an office that prayed before the shifts (even though it was not mandatory)."

After the disappointment, and getting over the “brain hurdle” of going through another round of interviews, they found a candidate who not only shared the same values, but who had ALL the specific job skills they where looking for.

Not only did they find the right person, but because of her age and work experience, she qualified for a government grant PAYING HER SALARY FOR THE NEXT 16 WEEKS! Since being under-staffed, our business has continued to grow, but cashflow has definitely been an issue. God not only brought in a great person into the business, but he also paid for it in advance.

Dr. Josh Nikkanen, Ontario, Canada"

Living the Dream, a series of true and verified stories of real people who have encountered God for themselves and have learnt to apply His principles in their normal everyday world, sourced from Heaven in Business

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