Monday, 9 February 2015

God's no 'lucky charm'

My poems don't rhyme
All of the time
But sometimes they do, woohoo
I know they should
I wish they would
I guess I need to try harder

Okay, there's my effort for the week, but today's post is really about a poem written by Rodney Hickman, a good mate of mine. Food for thought and a real challenge to some of our perceptions of God....

God's no 'lucky charm'

God is not some ‘lucky charm’ to make your life more sunny
To find the perfect parking space, or win lots of money
He is not a slot machine you feed with little prayers
And hope you get the jackpot, an end to all your cares
And He’s often hard to find, like sapphires in the earth
But if you seek Him you will find Him, His value and His worth
We spend our lives searching for answers to our quest
But overlook the question of what really suits us best
How, what, why, and when?—these go round and round
If we ask the right questions, the answers can be found
It’s all to do with relationships that need to be the best
‘It’s not what you know but who you know’: that’s the final test.
Copyright: Rodney Hickman

Rodney's now got two volumes of his poetry, 83 poems in each, which can be purchased for $20 each, including postage, GST free, from

Rodney Hickman
PO Box 764
Auckland 0946

I know you'll be blessed.  J

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