Friday, 17 August 2012

It matters!

When you marvel at the vastness and order in the universe...
When you discover the intricacy of a flower, or the incredible design of DNA...
How can you explain emotions? or the concept of value?

If we're just an amoeba waiting to be reabsorbed, why do we care so much about animals, rare species or children?
If we are only the product of a Big Bang, and have no eternity, what do we care about abuse or violence?

Where does creativity come from?
How do you explain compassion?
Why do we expect logic?

If love is only a feeling, and not a force, why do we cry at the climax of a movie?
If we were not born to subdue and conquer, why do we celebrate sporting success?

If we were not designed to live forever, why do we try so hard to "save" accident victims?
Why do we bother to prolong life with stents and drugs and laser surgery?

Why do we care if some inanimate possession is taken from us?
Where does our sense of injustice come from?
Why do we get those feelings when we look into the eyes of our new-born baby?

If matter is just matter, why does it matter?


  1. It matters because we are HUMAN.

  2. Food for thought. :D
    FB - KH

  3. it matters because of the intrinsic value, the care and effort that went into design and construction, to reflect back the coupling of esthetic beauty and functionality, to show the creative flair of the craftmanship behind it. Its purpose and reason for existing.
    FB - GC