Thursday, 5 November 2015

Tomorrow Today

by Lynette Love

"Sit with Me, My Child

"I am woken by the Lord in the early hours of the morning. His voice comes to me like crashing waves on the shore. My heart responds and I an wide awake.

Encounters with the King photograph
Encounters with the King
"My child, I AM the Lord God Almighty: I can reveal to you the deep mysteries of the oceans, things that man has not seen or heard. I can reveal to you the treasures of the Heavens and the deep secrets of My galaxies.l Is there anything too hard for Me, your God? No! There is nothing impossible to Me."

Then with a voice softened to a quiet whisper He confesses, "But most of all I long to reveal Myself to those who truly love Me. Come and sit with Me, come to your Father."

Instantly we are sitting on a jetty, dangling our feet in a river.

"Above all," he admits, "My children are my most desired possession. I desire to be with them and there in a place of intimacy and silence I will reveal Myself." "

Tomorrow Today is a series of excerpts from books by Lynette Love, who regularly encounters heaven - and Jesus - and Holy Spirit - and Father - now, in this life, today. 

My prayer is that you also might experience Him, and that in your own daily walk you might hear His voice, and see His face, and know His love - now, in this life, today.

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© Lynette Love, used by permission.

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