Sunday, 1 November 2015

Living the Dream

"Hearing God, laying sod!

"So my boss this summer hired me knowing that I had attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and encouraged me to bring Heaven to his business. After talking to Holy Spirit I felt that I needed to pray for efficiency for my work crew.

After I started praying for efficiency we had a job where we had to lay sod. My co-worker, whom also hears Holy Spirit, felt that we needed to get 100ft extra sod than was put on the estimate. We laid the sod that day and there was the perfect amount to the point that we only had about one wheel barrow full of scraps when normally crews have a whole pallet or more left over.

On a different day I had to use the toilet really bad but we did not bring our porta-toilet with us to the job. So I looked on my map to see what were the nearest options for using a toilet. I found that in one direction there were a couple restaurants and in the other was our supply store for rock and gravel. I felt that it’d be best to go to the supply store to use the toilet because they already know us.

While I was there I got a text from my co-worker to go to the supply store and get a full load of gravel. It was great because I was already there and he didn’t know it. When I was there I didn’t really know what a full load was so I asked the guys inside what it was and we decided on 4yrds. I got my load and as I was leaving my coworker texted me that I needed to get 4yrds!!" EJ Wall, WA (Oct, 2015)"

Living the Dream, a series of true and verified stories of real people who have encountered God for themselves and have learnt to apply His principles in their normal everyday world, sourced from Heaven in Business

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