Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tomorrow Today

by Lynette Love

"Heartbreaks and Joys

" "Jesus," I ask, "What was the hardest thing that You had to endure while you were on this earth?"

Encounters with the King photograph
Encounters with the King
"Before I answer you my Child, I have another question for you to ask - What was one of my greatest joys?"

"Yes, I will ask you that question, but still, what was the hardest thing you had to endure?"

"My child, it was when I was hanging on the cross and I could no longer see My Father, My Heart broke; now My precious little one, ask Me My question."

"My Lord, what was Your greatest joy?"

"When I hung on the cross and saw you my child!" "

Tomorrow Today is a series of excerpts from books by Lynette Love, who regularly encounters heaven - and Jesus - and Holy Spirit - and Father - now, in this life, today. 

My prayer is that you also might experience Him, and that in your own daily walk you might hear His voice, and see His face, and know His love - now, in this life, today.

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© Lynette Love, used by permission.

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