Sunday, 30 August 2015

Living the Dream

"Hope, Hair and Dreams Coming True

"God agrees with declaration of a seemingly impossible dream and provides within hours of declaration above and beyond what is expected.

Tuesday morning a hairdresser attended Hope Inc. meeting gathering of small business people in town of Red Bluff. She shared a seemingly impossible dream ( her family does not have the money) of going to India with her son on a mission trip. We all agreed and declared the dream a reality.

That afternoon at her workplace (a hair salon) her hope and her faith has increased from being at the meeting and one of her clients who she's cutting hair for offers spontaneously to pay for 2 FIRST CLASS tickets for her and her son to go to India!

via Dave Charlson, Red Bluff, CA (Oct, 2014)"

Living the Dream, a series of true and verified stories of real people who have encountered God for themselves and have learnt to apply His principles in their normal everyday world, sourced from Dream Culture: Bringing your Dreams to Life

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