Thursday, 14 November 2013

Maybe God knew

So, is it better to be single and lonely, or to be lonely within in a marriage? And which is worse, to remain lonely in a marriage, or to consider a future alone? And if you had a choice, is it better to have lost a loved one through death or divorce, or to have never loved at all? To have at least some memories or to never have taken the risk?

In Genesis, God said, "It is not good that Man should be alone," speaking specifically of Man's potential relationship with Woman. But here's a thought: To be alone does not inherently mean to be lonely. There are times we need to be by ourselves.

In Psalms, David writes that, "God sets the solitary in families," but just being "in a relationship" doesn't imply you'll never feel lonely.

Maybe it's a coincidence, that having written thus far, I came across the following blog post by Rick Warren:
Loneliness is a time to become better acquainted with God. In your season of loneliness, you need to recognize God’s presence.
Maybe it's a coincidence that the very next day, I came across the following video by Shimi Cohen, entitled The Innovation of Loneliness, where he explores the relationship between connectedness and conversation in social media:

Maybe God knew what was on my mind....

Maybe I just need to take the time to soothe my soul.... 

Sometimes music can say it so much better....

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