Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ticking the Box

Ticking the Box - 2013 Local Body Elections photograph
I really believe it is so important to vote - and make an informed vote - in the local body elections. I've collated all the brochures, a swag of newspaper clippings and adverts, and I've noted the billboards.

And I've gone online to see what I can find.

The following links relate to just the Hastings District Council, the fluoridation debate, the Hastings ward candidates for the Hawke's Bay Regional Council, and the Hawke's Bay District Health Board.

Please note I compiled the list using Google search and also a Facebook name search, so it may not be complete. If you see a gap, or if you want more information added or corrected, please let me know by email. is also worth a visit because in some cases, especially for the HBDHB, there is a lot more information on the candidates than you'll find in the information pack posted out with your voting papers.

URGENT DEADLINE: They suggest you get your voting papers in the mail by Wednesday 09 October to meet the closing date of 12 noon Saturday 12 October.

And remember, if you don't vote, you can't complain J


Hastings District Council candidates on

Hastings District Mayoral candidates
Wayne Bradshaw, also on Facebook
Simon Nixon, also a Blog
Lawrence Yule

Hastings District Council - Hastings-Havelock North ward
Cynthia Bowers, also on Facebook
Wayne Bradshaw, also on Facebook
Malcolm Dixon
Sandra Hazlehurst 
Scott Henderson
Sarah Millington, also on Facebook
Simon Nixon
Adrienne Pierce
John Roil
Kevin Watkins

Hastings District Council - Hastings-Havelock North ward - Compare Top 5 Issues

Should the Hawkes Bay councils amalgamate?

Hastings District Council - Heretaunga ward
Rodney Heaps
George Lyons
Richard McKenzie
Ann Redstone

Hastings District Council - Kahuranaki ward
Mick Lester
David MacKintosh

Hastings District Council - Kahuranaki ward - Compare Top 5 Issues

For fluoridation:

Against fluoridation:

Hastings ward, Hawke's Bay Regional Council candidates on
Rick Barker
Tom Belford, also on Facebook
Murray Douglas
Rex Graham
Kevin Rose

Hawke's Bay Regional Council - Hastings Constituency - Compare Top 5 Issues

Hawke's Bay District Health Board candidates on
     (it's worth clicking through the candidates to read their answers to questions)
Lynlee Aitcheson
Kevin Atkinson
Dan Druzianic
Peter Dunkerley
Helen Francis
Beverley Fullerton-Smith
Diana Kirton
Lucy Lesperance
Graeme Norton
Jacoby Poulain, also on Facebook 
Pip Rutherford
Heather Skipworth

Hawke's Bay District Health Board - Compare Top 5 Issues

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