Sunday, 19 July 2015

Living the Dream

"Presence of God Blessing a Business: 

Two retired kingdom marketplace men meet weekly at a coffee shop to pray and brainstorm about partnering with Heaven and the Presence of God. They felt bad about the amount of time they were occupying a table and asked the owner of the coffee shop if it was a problem for him.

He says, "No, take all the time you want. The days you are here our business is double compared to the days you are not. Keep on coming and take as much time as you want."

So the owner of a business who doesn't have a relationship with Jesus gets introduced to the the presence of God blessing his business through two men who want to bless and honor him. via Blake Schellenberg, Portland, OR (June, 2014)"

Living the Dream, a series of true and verified stories of real people who have encountered God for themselves and have learnt to apply His principles in their normal everyday world, sourced from Dream Culture: Bringing your Dreams to Life

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