Sunday, 26 October 2014

Living the Dream

"God Gives Just Because You are His Child: 

A friend of mine in first year this year has been struggling financially his whole time in Redding. He waits tables at Logan's steakhouse. He was meeting with some folks the last week of January and they asked him if he wanted to go back to Africa (he had been in Mozambique in the past with IRIS). He said his dream would be if he could have school paid off and then go to Africa. The man pulls out an envelope from his shirt pocket and slides it across the table, saying "before you got here tonight the Lord told me to give this to you.... I think you're going to Africa" In the envelope was a check for $5,000.

Needless to say my friend was overjoyed and for the last two weeks he has been rejoicing and processing about it with God. He asked God why He gave it to him now...when he had finally caught up with his bills and wasn't behind (things had gotten better at his job). He asked God why didn't He give it to him when he really needed it. He said the Lord told him "I don't give to you because you're in need, I give to you because you're My son." (via Thomas Blackmon, Redding, CA)

Living the Dream, a series of true and verified stories of real people who have encountered God for themselves and have learnt to apply His principles in their normal everyday world, sourced from Dream Culture: Bringing your Dreams to Life

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