Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Royal visit

Given that New Zealand is currently in the middle of a royal visit by Wills and Kate, at first I thought this post on Facebook was talking about royalty, and then I realised it was....
 "Imagine this... You enter a city and thousands come to greet you. You are celebrated as the greatest thing since sliced bread. No movie star, pop star, politician or royalty has ever received such welcoming. You have reached the top with all its perks, comforts, and benefits. You high-five, autograph posters, take selfies with babies, and even smile to the paparazzi.
 "All this, knowing in your heart and in your guts that your next days will not be what every human dreams of but what every human dreads; a journey to deep suffering and pain that no one has ever experienced before... not a triumph but a lesson in humbleness when you think you have achieved earthly greatness."
 (Found on Facebook, attributed to Sami Awad)
My take on it? Wo, what an amazingly vivid picture of Christ as he entered Jerusalem just three days before public opinion changed, and he was cruelly and mercilessly crucified.

Its relevance? I have to ask myself, who's approval am I looking for? How do I measure success? What am I focused on, thinking about? And, am I prepared to follow Him? Do I really believe I can have a share in the royal prize to which He subsequently attained? I know I want to.

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